20 Year Reunion

Can you identify all of the classmates in this picture? Can you identify any of them? Some classmates have, or think they have. Compare the picture to the caption below and email me with any corrections or additions.
Last updated on 8/2/99 by Tom Prefling

From Left to Right  Front Row (more or less): Ann McDowell, Joe Collins (white jacket, red shirt and beer), Cindy Lersh, Jean Baker (white blouse and slacks ?), Kathy Vigianno (blue dress with spagetti straps), Marti Matteson (white strapless dress), Carole Bennon (red dress with flowers), Eileen Wong (white strapless dress), Denise Schraa (red blouse, white skirt?), Mark Underwood (grey suit?), Kathy Lovell, Ilene Karnofsky (black dress with white trim), Barbara Burstein (burgundy dress?),Everett Castle (white shirt, grey trousers, moustache), Ken Kroeger (on the end) Second Row (more or less): Penny Chamberlain, Donna Miller (white dress), John Smiley (red suspenders), Terry Wikstrom (behind Kathy Vigianno's left shoulder), Sally Kintner (behind Marti Matteson), Roberta Gerlach, Larry Peth (behind Eileen Wong, glasses, mustache), Third/Back Row (more or less): Mark Bahti, Melanie Menaugh (behind Smiley's left shoulder), Don Pierce (grey head below the "C"?), Greg Moore (below the "S", moustache, smiling?), Keith Smith (under the "6"?), Chuck Davis (under the balloons, white shirt, tie, moustache), Sheila Barry (blue dress, behind and between Rob Bell and Larry Peth?)

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